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Air Conditioner Installs in Chilliwack Abbotsford Hope and Agassiz

Air conditioning in chilliwack
Heat pump repair chilliwack

 Ian's Plumbing Heating and Gas Services ltd has access to a wide range of manufacturers to make sure you are getting the perfect fit for your home and your budget. With newer efficiencies running from 13 SEER all the way up to 20 SEER, your new Air Conditioner will save you money when you compare them to older units that have SEER as low as 8. 

What is SEER ? 

Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio or “Rating.” Basically, The higher the number the more energy efficient your new unit will be. It's an important factor in selecting a new unit. Although the higher seer units cost more, the cost of energy isn't exactly going down. Paying a bit more upfront can save you on electrical costs down the road. Usually, the more efficient units are quieter too.

Need an Air Conditioner installed in Chilliwack?

With 20 plus years in the field, Ian's Plumbing Heating and Gas Services ltd is well equipped with the right tools and training to get you the perfect air conditioning install in Chilliwack. Install times are usually within a week of an approved quote. Call for a free quote any time.

Air Conditioner Install Chilliwack

Air Conditioning repairs in Chilliwack

Air Conditioner install in Chilliwack

Need an Air Conditioner repair in Chilliwack?

Rest assured Ian's Plumbing Heating and Gas Services ltd has the most accurate charging equipment on the market. Its so accurate, it provides customers with a PDF analysis of your refrigerant charge, air flow and air temperature before and after. And with one of the best multimeters out there, controls or electrical issues are weeded out and repaired fast.

Air conditioning install in Chilliwack by Ian's Plumbing Heating and Gas Services ltd
Heat pump chilliwack
Air Conditioning installation
Air conditioning install Chilliwack
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